Choose a Safe Location for Your Parcels to Be Left

Thief steals parcel Porch Pirate UK. With the rise of online shopping and home deliveries, finding a safe spot for your parcels has become more critical than ever.

With the rise of online shopping and home deliveries, finding a safe spot for your parcels has become more critical than ever.

Consider designating areas such as your porch, a backyard shed, or even a locked box inside your garage as your parcel drop-off locations. These spots are not only convenient but also offer a measure of protection against theft and damage. It’s not just about finding a place but being strategic in its selection. Hidden corners, for example, can deter thieves. According to a study by the University of North Carolina, burglars are less likely to target homes with hidden or concealed entry points.

Consider investing in smart lock systems for an extra layer of security. These devices, such as the Wi-Fi Smart Locks, allow you to control access to your parcels remotely. Creativity can also play a significant role in keeping your deliveries safe. Consider placing parcels behind planters or under outdoor furniture. Not only does this protect your packages from the elements, but it

also keeps them out of sight from potential thieves.

The importance of a safe delivery location cannot be overstated. In 2019, a report from C+R Research found that 36% of Americans had a package stolen at least once.

In a UK survey, security company SimpliSafe found that almost one-third of residents reported having a parcel go missing from their ‘safe place’ at home. This means an estimated 19 million parcels vanished from porches and other secure spots in the country in 2022.

Balancing ease of access for deliveries and security can be challenging, but it is achievable with careful planning and investment.

Identify Safe Parcel Drop-off Locations at Home

With the rise in online shopping, ensuring the safe delivery of packages at home has become more crucial than ever.

Consider establishing certain areas around your house as designated parcel drop-off points. Convenient and secure locations such as your front porch, side entrance, secluded corners in your garden shed, hideaways in your backyard, or even a locked box in your garage can serve this purpose well.

These locations offer an outstanding balance of convenience and security. Hidden corners in your garden or backyard keep your parcels out of sight, reducing the theft risk. On the other hand, easily accessible areas like your front porch or side entrance ensure a hassle-free experience for the delivery personnel. Designating specific drop-off points at your home makes the delivery process smoother and safeguards your packages from potential theft. Remember, security isn’t just about protecting the package; it’s also about the peace of mind it brings.

Risks of Common Delivery Locations - Get Creative

Consider secure drop-off locations as your secret weapon against parcel thieves. Opt for concealed spots like behind large planters or under heavy-duty outdoor furniture. You could also utilise unassuming storage bins that blend with your home’s exterior. These innovative measures significantly reduce the risk of parcel theft. Given the magnitude of parcel theft, it is risky to leave your parcels in easily accessible locations like unsecured mailboxes or open carports.

Benefits of Designated Safe Areas

Why Choose a Safe Delivery Zone?

Designating a safe area for your package delivery – a hidden corner, backyard shed, garage alcove, front porch, or stairs – protects against adverse weather conditions and potential thieves. Couriers can easily find these designated spots, which streamlines the delivery process.

Additionally, having a predetermined location eliminates the stress of wondering where your packages are, offering you peace of mind.

Choose Wisely for Effective Protection

Picking the perfect safe delivery zone is crucial. Consider accessibility for the courier and visibility from the street. Also, consider the size of your typical deliveries to ensure the space can accommodate them. For added security, consider investing in a lockable delivery box which provides a secure, weather-resistant location for your packages.

Tips for Choosing Secure Spots

One straightforward strategy is to ask a trustworthy neighbour to receive your parcels. Alternatively, investing in a security product like a Ring Remote Doorbell can be immensely beneficial. This device allows you to provide delivery instructions in real-time, adding an extra layer of security. Some studies found that remote doorbells in specific neighbourhoods had seen a 50% decrease in thefts due to the cameras being installed.

Leave the parcel with The neighbour.

Delegate the receipt of your packages to a neighbour. This not only ensures the safe delivery of your items

but also adds a layer of convenience to your busy lifestyle.

It’s essential to pick a reliable and often at-home neighbour. This way, you can be confident they’ll be around to receive your parcel. A recent study by the Institute of Customer Service found that 67% of people prefer to leave their packages with a neighbour when they’re not around, highlighting the practicality of this option.

By choosing a neighbour who fits these criteria, you can have peace of mind knowing your deliveries are safe until you’re ready to pick them up. Plus, you’re contributing to a more connected, trusted community.


Ring the remote doorbell for today's instructions.

The concept is simple yet effective. Instruct the courier to ring the doorbell when they arrive with your parcel. This way, you get instant notification of their arrival, reducing the time your package sits unattended on your doorstep. 

To further increase security, advise the delivery person to place the packages in less visible spots near your doorbell. This makes it harder for opportunistic thieves to spot your parcels while keeping them easily accessible for couriers. Cyber security expert Bruce Schneier said, ‘Security isn’t a product, but a process.’ 

Here are some essential tips to help:

Safety First: Avoid the Porch

UK crime data released by technology company Quadient shows a 500% increase in parcel theft between 2019 and 2023. This shows the level of package theft and why unattended parcels are easy targets for thieves. A simple alternative is to opt for safer, less conspicuous spots around your home.

Choose Smart Delivery Location Choices

Consider the front yard a viable option if the parcel is out of sight. Though it’s open, it can still offer some security due to visibility. For instance, your neighbour’s CCTV might capture activity in your front yard, thus deterring potential thieves.

The back entrance, often hidden from the public view, can also serve as a secure delivery spot. Similarly, a side gate can provide a concealed location for your packages, making it harder for opportunistic thieves to spot them.

Indoor Deliveries and Sheltered Areas

A mail slot is an excellent choice for small parcels as it allows for direct indoor delivery, eliminating the possibility of theft.

For larger packages, patio storage or a lockbox could be ideal. A recent survey revealed that lockbox packages were less likely to be stolen. 

Security Tips on Securing Your Delivery Parcels:

The surge in online shopping has necessitated rethinking

parcel delivery spots in the current pandemic. Here are some innovative suggestions:

Invest in Hidden Spots and Smart Technology: With these tech-savvy thieves, it’s wise to identify inconspicuous locations, such as hidden corners or locked boxes, for parcel drop-offs. 

Leverage Your Outdoor Spaces: The front porch or backyard aren’t just for lounging on sunny afternoons; they can be clever delivery spots. A simple solution could be placing deliveries under outdoor furniture, a garage nook, or a garden shed.

Secure Delivery Boxes: For those with more space, consider using secure delivery boxes placed under stairs or inside a shed. Products like Smart Delivery Boxes offer convenience and security, ensuring your packages are safe until you retrieve them. Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Taking proactive steps to secure


your deliveries can save you the hassle and cost of stolen packages. 

Considering Surveillance and Lighting

Enhancing your designated delivery spot’s security with surveillance cameras and adequate lighting has become popular. Installing security cameras in strategic locations assists in real-time monitoring, deterring potential thieves, and providing peace of mind.

Excellent lighting offers dual benefits. First, it enhances visibility, minimising the chances of parcel theft. Second, it facilitates delivery personnel’s location of the delivery spot, particularly during winters when there are extended periods of darkness. Motion sensor lights, a popular choice among homeowners, are especially effective. These lights activate upon detecting movement, potentially startling and deterring intruders. They also provide essential illumination for couriers delivering after sundown.

Communicating Instructions With Delivery Services

Clarifying your delivery preferences is crucial. During the ordering process, aim to provide comprehensive yet concise instructions. Remember, couriers are often under time pressure, so the more precise your instructions, the smoother the delivery process.

Regular reviews and updates of your instructions can provide a seamless and efficient delivery experience. Remember, The key to successful delivery is effective communication. So, continue to review your delivery instructions. This guarantees the security of your items and contributes to a smoother, more convenient delivery experience

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Choose a Safe Location for Your Parcels

In the current era of online shopping, having a package delivered to a "safe place" has become a common practice. This means that the courier has securely deposited your parcel in an inconspicuous location, adding an extra layer of protection against theft or weather damage. This service allows you to receive your packages at your convenience while minimising the risk of them getting lost or stolen.

Provide explicit delivery instructions after purchase. This is usually done once you purchase the item on the portal. Other providers allow courier instructions to be left after a shipping date is confirmed and when you

receive an alert that the parcel is on its way. Many couriers will enable you to log in using your credentials and leave a message for the courier – usually specifying a safe location. If there are any doubts, contact the sender – or courier if their details are provided. 

Given the recent surge in home deliveries, choosing secure locations for parcels to be left is crucial. Your front porch, garage, or backyard shed in residential areas are practical options. These areas provide a balance of convenience for delivery personnel and security for your packages, reducing the risk of theft or damage. For instance, the front porch might be suitable if it's not easily visible from the street. Similarly, the garage could be an excellent choice if it's regularly locked and secure.


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