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22% of all respondents said the side pillar next to or just behind the driver creates a blind spot

Blind Spot Safety Tips

Blind Spot Safety Tips: Check Your Mirrors Blind Spot Mirror Checks for Safe Driving: Driver Safety You know those tricky blind spots in vehicles that can sometimes...

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Problems with Delayed Deliveries and How to Address the Delivery of Goods

Delivery Delays

Common Causes of Parcel Delivery Delays Driving while on a phone – legal? Are you tired of waiting for your parcel deliveries? It can be frustrating and...

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Advantages of self-employed Courier Driver: Become a delivery driver Ready to become a self-employed courier driver in 2024? Here, we cover the pros and cons of the self-employed delivery driver world to help you decide.

advantages of self employed

Advantages of Self-Employed Courier Drivers in the UK Are you tired of your monotonous 9-to-5 job and searching for a new opportunity with more excitement? Being an...

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A generic picture of a woman ordering online. This is to do with a factors when Choosing A Reliable Courier Service Tips for Choosing the Right Courier Service

Choosing A Courier Service

Choosing the Right Courier Service Factors To Consider When Choosing A Reliable Courier Service Selecting the right courier service is vital to your business operations, ensuring that...

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Expert advice about Vehicle lease vs Finance. Pegasus Couriers Experts Expain

Vehicle Lease vs. Finance: Expert Advice

Delivery drivers and businesses are looking at the pros and cons of leasing vs financing their vans. Expert advice is invaluable when ...

Dash Warning Lights and what they mean

Dash Warning Lights - Do Not Ignore

Ignoring warning lights in your vehicle can be costly. A recent survey revealed that 70% of drivers ignore these warnings, a potentially disastrous mistake

Cargo Bike - the way of the future. Pegasus Couriers

Cargo Bikes - The Future?

Discover the revolution of cargo bikes! Here we discuss teething problems and how electric cargo bikes can transform urban transportation.  

Road tax evasion statistics reveal many unlicenced vehicles on the road, resulting in potential revenue loss. Pegasus Couriers explains

Digital DVLA Account - good?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has launched a new and improved digital account service to make our lives on the road much easier.

Discover the essential skills and responsibilities every delivery driver should have. Courier driver job description

Delivery Drivers Job Description - The Basics​

 If you love driving and are dedicated to offering outstanding service, this article is perfect for you. In this complete guide

Speed Cameras UK: Types Of Speed Camera Devices and The Law

Speed Cameras: Types of Devices and The Law

Did you know that there are over 7,000 speed cameras in the UK - the fourth-highest amount in the world?

Potholes and the delay to the transport sector

Potholes Crisis in the UK on the rise

The current state of the UK's pothole problem is alarming, with a report showing a 13% increase in pothole-related breakdowns compared to last year.

Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready! Don't Get Caught Off Guard by the Cold Weather! In this article, Pegaus Couriers Director Phil West walks you through essential winter vehicle tips to minimise a breakdown.

Tips: Winter Vehicle Readiness

Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready! Don't Get Caught Off Guard by the Cold Weather. Here are essential winter readiness vehicle tips to minimise a breakdown.

Check you tyre pressure | Pegasus Couriers

Significance of Tyre Pressure

Many drivers underestimate the significance of tyre pressure in maximising their vehicle's performance and improving safety. 

As businesses continue to rely heavily on van fleets for various operations, it's becoming increasingly apparent that the costs associated with maintaining and running these fleets are on the rise.

Van Costs Set To Rise

Businesses continue to rely heavily on van fleets for various operations. Here Pegasus Couriers discuss rising fleet and recruitment cost

Builders become courier drivers

Builders Turn Delivery Drivers

Are you a builder feeling the effects of the current economic hardships? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! We want to lend a helping hand.

are electric vehicles sustainable? Pegasus couriers discusses EVs and the future

Electric Vehicles and Business

The demand for electric vehicles in the UK has increased significantly, leading to a shift in consumer preferences...

UK van traffic has reached a ten-year high indicating growth across several sectors.

Van Mileage Shows Industry Growth

UK van traffic has reached a ten-year high indicating growth across several sectors. Read some interesting statistics ....

Read some of our tips on how to prevent a car breakdown during the summer 2023.

Avoid Summer Breakdown

Before you hit the motorway to start your summer travels, it's important to take some time to prepare. Here we give some travel advice for enjoyable travelling.

The industry faces a significant challenge, from the shortage of skilled courier drivers to retention and recruitment issues. Pegasus Couriers Discusses

Shortage of Skilled Courier Drivers

The delivery industry faces a crisis: a shortage of skilled courier drivers. We talk about the challenges facing delivery driver recruitment.

Hot weather and how to stay cool. A guide from Pegasus Couriers

Stay Cool and Enjoy the Ride!

With the current European heatwave, it seems vital to highlight tips for a cool and safe ride. 

Courier driver jobs in the UK

Why Become a Delivery Driver

Courier drivers require a unique set of skills. Read what Pegasus Couriers Director Phil West has to say.

UK van traffic has reached a ten-year high indicating growth across several sectors.

Van Mileage Shows Industry Growth

UK van traffic has reached a ten-year high indicating growth across several sectors. Read some interesting statistics ....

Speedy delivery is a key factor driving the courier world.

Future Demand For Delivery Drivers

The courier industry is growing, which means the demand for drivers will also increase, as will the competition between courier companies.

Courier fraud and how to stop it. Pegasus Couriers

Cyber Crime in the Courier Industry

Like most industries, criminals constantly adapt, making it important to be mindful of the latest trends.

Pegasus Couriers Inverness depot - The Scottish Highlands

Pegasus Couriers Inverness

It’s an exciting month for Pegasus Couriers because our Inverness depot is celebrating its fourth anniversary!

Read what Martin Smith says about the future of the Courier Industry

Future of the Courier Industry

The courier industry is vital to the global economy, transporting goods to consumers worldwide.  

The DVLA has changed the recent medical conditions for drivers

Future Demand For Delivery Drivers

The DVLA has updated the list of medical conditions drivers that drivers declare. Here we discuss the implications...

Customer satisfaction and great service is vital to the courier industry Pegasus Couriers.

Customer Service & Couriers

The importance of customer service to end consumers is vital for success. 

Aberdeenshire UPS deliver parcel

What happens to undelivered parcels?

Waiting for a parcel delivery can be an exciting experience, but it can also be frustrating if it is late or doesn’t arrive.

Car runs out of fuel. Are you covered and is it illegal? Pegasus Couriers explains

Running out of fuel can land you in a spot of trouble

Did you know that an avoidable breakdown, such as running out of fuel, can land you in trouble?

Pegasus Couriers director Phil West

Manager Promoted to Director

Leading logistics company Pegasus Couriers has promoted Dedicated Service Provider (DSP)
Operations Manager.

Do courier drivers know what is in the parcel they deliver?

Do couriers know what is inside the parcel?

Courier drivers are responsible for delivering parcels, but do they know what they are delivering?

Pegasus Couriers van and a safety first drive campaign. Pegasus Couriers road safety campaigns across UK and Scotland. Think Driver Safety, Arrive Alive

Road Safety Can Save Lives

Whether driving to work, cycling, catching a bus or walking on the pavement - road safety is paramount. Read how Pegasus Couriers promotes road safety.
Fuel theft. Read what Pegasus Couriers says

Impact of Fuel Theft on Business

As fuel prices increase, so does fuel theft, posing a threat to businesses operating profits.
Police stopping speeding drivers is a thing of past ... Now there are drones and unmarked policing vans. Pegasus couriers talks about road safety and cameras

Should Stealth Vans and Drones be Used for Road Safety?

Using stealth vans and drones to monitor roads is a controversial issue.  

Delivery route mapping is good for delivery drivers in the UK

Route Mapping Software - A Drivers Best Friend

In today’s technology-driven world, there are many ways to improve delivery operations. 

Courier driver bitten by dogs is a serious issue. Pegasus Couriers explains how to prevent this

Dog Bites - Help Prevent Them

Dogs may be man's best friend, but they can be unpredictable. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a dog bite.
Pegasus Couriers delivery driver rescues a woman in Aberdeen Dundee flood

Video: Pegasus Couriers driver helps stranded woman during floods

A good samaritan courier driver helped ‘rescue’ a woman whose car broke down on a flooded road near Laurencekirk in Scotland.

Pegasus Couriers Age Delivery Verification

Age Verification Delivery

We know many people are confused about which parcels require identification and we wanted to clarify any confusion.

Colin Lauder Aberdeenshire UPS Pegasus Couriers

Pegasus Couriers steps up a gear to reach snow-trapped areas

With only a week before Christmas, UK delivery company Pegasus Couriers now has a four-wheel drive truck to reach remote snow-trapped areas.

wrong fuel in your vehicle - this is what to do.. Pegasus Couriers explains

Fill Up With The Wrong Fuel?

Each year about 150,000 UK motorists top their vehicles up with the wrong fuel. Here we explain the best ways to avoid misfuelling.
Pegasus Couriers is a supporter of Armed Forces and Military Veterans

Armed Forces Covenant

UK courier company, Pegasus Couriers, has signed the Armed Forces Covenant as part of a forces-friendly workplace initiative.

Martin Smith Pegasus Couriers Director

Top tips for becoming a great delivery driver

Being a courier driver is a great job and requires a mixture of both physical and mental skills. Read what Pegasus Couriers Managing Director, Martin Smith, has to say ...

Handbrake safety - always use your handbrake to avoid runaway vehicles

Handbrake Safety and Prevention

Handbrake safety is becoming increasingly important. Read our tips on handbrake safety and rollaway prevention.

Finding the right courier insurance for a delivery driver.

Finding the right courier insurance is daunting for any delivery driver

Getting started as a courier driver can be a great way to make money, be your own boss and meet new people daily.

Courier driver Paul Macbeth from Pegasus Couriers stands at a delivery van

Spreading Kindness, One Mile at a Time.

A Pegasus Couriers delivery driver has been praised for helping a Scottish Highlands motorist whose car was stuck in the snow.

Pegasus Couriers van rental costs could cripple the industry

UK van shortages impacting courier industry growth

The nationwide van shortage is hampering the courier industry’s growth amid increasing vehicle rental costs. Experts remain optimistic that delivery van shortages will “ease”...

Inverness Delivery Driver Celebrate depot

Inverness Depot Celebrate

Pegasus Couriers Inverness Celebrates Second Anniversary 
Pegasus Couriers sponsors the youth Edinburgh foot team

Pegasus Couriers Sponsors Youth Football

Pegasus Couriers is proud to sponsor the under-14 Edinburgh City football team as part of a youth development community initiative.

Pegasus Couriers speaks out about the pothole damage to vehicles

Potholes: The bottomless money pit for courier delivery drivers

A recent survey rated some UK roads as "terrible" sparking fears that road infrastructure and potholes would worsen in the coming years.

Package theft courier drivers. Pegasus Couriers

Beware of 'porch piracy' theft ahead of Christmas

UK residents are warned to be extra vigilant as parcel theft soars. A recent survey states that more than 8 million parcels more

Inverness countryside Scotland

Watch: Slideshow of driver pictures

A group of delivery drivers from the Inverness area sent us a bunch of pictures of their ‘office’.

Delivery driver feeds Deer

Watch: Delivery driver makes friends with deer

An Inverness delivery driver made an unlikely friend when he stopped to chat with a deer on the way to the Isle of Skye. 

Pegasus Couriers Van Inverness crash

WATCH recovery of van that veered off-road

Watch as a recovery truck with a crane pulls the van out of a ditch alongside the road.

PEgasus Couriers delivers package to Isle of Skye

A package and its journey across two countries in a day

 A “priority” Christmas present travelled more than 500 miles by road in one day before arriving on the Isle of Skye at 11pm.

driving in the snow Pegasus Couriers

Storm Eunice forces drivers to return to depot

Storm Eunice has led to traffic disruptions across Aberdeenshire and parts of Northern Scotland.
Expect parcel delivery delays.
Courier News Pegasus. Scotland, Ireland, England

Pegasus Couriers Newsletter - December 2021

 Newsletter Dec 2021 - Read the Pegasus Couriers newsletter - keep informed of the latest news.

Pegasus Couriers sponsor Mission Christmas

Pegasus Couriers Supports Cash For Kids

Only weeks before Christmas, Pegasus Couriers announced they are sponsoring the popular Cash for Kids. 

Glasgow Delivery driver job

UK Courier has an alternative plan amid fuel shortage

One of the country’s leading couriers will ensure packages are delivered, even during a fuel shortage.

Pegasus Couriers newsletter

Pegasus Couriers Newsletter - January 2022

The latest January 2022 newsletter. Keeping you up to date with the latest industry-wide and Pegasus Couriers news

Pegasus Couriers Martin Smith owner

Courier shows growth amid National driver shortage

A leading UK logistics company will be opening another three offices as demand for speedy delivery services surges....

Courier Driver Newsletter

Pegasus Couriers Newsletter November 2021

The Courier Newsletter aims to keep staff, clients and contractors informed of industry and company on-goings....​

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Courier van delivery driver job

Van Rental

We offer two courier delivery van options, rental or use your own van.

Courier driver gives review

Video - What our
Drivers Say

We promote within - hear it from Tam who started as a driver and is now a trainer.

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