UK courier continues to deliver parcels despite fuel shortage

Pegasus Couriers

One of the country’s leading couriers will ensure packages are delivered, even during a fuel shortage.

Pegasus Couriers said that to date, they had seen a minor impact on operations.

The parcel delivery company – which contracts more than 500 drivers– is gearing up for the festive season online buying spree despite fuel shortage concerns.

Company Director Martin Smith said that they had not yet felt the impact of the shortage. “Deliveries are continuing as usual, and we have had no issues yet. We are putting plans in place to ensure that Christmas season gifts are delivered.”

The possible impact on parcel deliveries comes in the wake of several reports claiming that pumps ran dry at various fuel stations. In a joint statement on Sunday evening, Businesses Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng met with industry leaders to solve ongoing issues.

Pegasus Couriers operate 13 offices across the UK and are opening another three by December.

Smith said that from October, they were expecting an increase in parcel deliveries.

In the build-up to Christmas last year, Pegasus Couriers delivered around 42 000 parcels per day.

“We are working to ensure that our couriers are minimally impacted. Currently, we have no reports of shortages affecting our operations. However, we have taken extra precautions and implemented backup plans if there is a shortage. The issues of drivers are countrywide and, as was said before, all delivery companies – trucks and lorries – are in a situation,” he said.

Smith added that they had ramped up recruitment efforts as well as increased driver payments.

Pegasus Couriers UPS regional operations manager Daniel Whyte said that his managerial team had implemented a series of backup scenarios in the event of a shortage. “We have made provisions such as ensuring that we have adequate warehousing and various logistical plans in place to ensure any shortage will have minimal impact.”

Pegasus Couriers National Operations Manager Phil West said that he was liaising with his regional and depot managers to ensure deliveries continued. “We have also introduced several operational measures to assist drivers getting their routes done quicker,” he added.

The provider’s operations currently cover Scotland, Ireland, and the North of England.

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Facts about Pegasus Couriers


  • Pegasus Couriers has seen a 400% growth over the past three years and is a significant driver recruiter across the UK.
  • The company has a head office in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Currently, we contract more than 400 drivers across the UK.
  • Between October 2020 and January 2021, the company delivered an average of 300 000 parcels per week
  • Pegasus Couriers has operations in:
  1. Newcastle,
  2. Carlisle,
  3. Inverness
  4. Aberdeen
  5. Dundee
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Glasgow
  8. Warrington
  9. Belfast
  • Together this comprises 13 sites.
  • New offices to be opened by December include Belfast in Ireland, Warrington outside Manchester, and Jarrow near Newcastle.
  • Several associations have called on the Government to introduce plans to curb the shortage of drivers.

Telephone interviews, radio interviews or written questions are welcome.

Telephone interviews, radio interviews or written questions are welcome.


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