About Pegasus Couriers

Pegasus Couriers was started in 1988 by Edinburgh born businessman,  Martin Smith.

Martin – who was the sole delivery driver at the time– started the business when he left a national courier company to go independent.

Martin began contracting to several smaller companies before growing so large that he employed friends to help him.

Over time, the business grew into what it is today, a large and successful courier delivery business experiencing 400% growth over the last three years.

Pegasus Couriers currently has twelve depots countrywide, with some 500 delivery courier vans on the road.

Some of our clients range from major eCommerce giants, such as Amazon, to massive global couriers, such as UPS and DPD.

We are proud of our excellent service which has only been achievable by investing in our people.

This family-owned business is looking to expand over the next ten years, and to make that happen, we need good people.

Career progression at Pegasus Couriers is a real thing, ask almost all our managers and office staff – many of them are former drivers. 

Pegasus Couriers Martin Smith owner
Martin Smith

Courier Driver Jobs - Apply Now

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Edinburgh Driver Jobs

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Elgin and surrounds driver job

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