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Pegasus Couriers is a family-owned, friendly business that has been around for 23 years.
We deliver parcels for major companies such as UPS. DPD and Amazon.
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We have an excellent reputation because our values are all about people relationships.

about the Job

  • You will be delivering parcels for Amazon.
  • A standard work week is five days.
  • Your pay is between £130 and £180 per day. (Read more about pay)
  • If you meet Amazon’s basic service levels, you will earn an additional bonus  per week. 
  • If you have your own van, that is great, but if not, you can rent a fully insured and maintained van. Read more about vans
  • Work-related fuel is covered by us. Read more about fuel
  • You do not need courier delivery experience. Full training is also provided and you are paid for the training days.
  • Part-time work is available to those who own their own van. You will work a full day but you can choose the days you work.
  • You will be self-employed, and we have an agreement with Wise, a specialist tax agency. Wise can do your taxes and can help you earn up to £30 a week extra through the government flat rate VAT scheme

Your pay and bonus

In addition to the basic pay for each day worked, you earn a bonus for meeting service levels. 
These service levels are basic and include aspects such as not leaving parcels unattended if the customer is not there. 
All drivers should be able to earn the bonus as long as they follow basic service levels.  
You are also paid £1.80 for each day worked for using your own phone.
You are paid weekly on a Friday, 2 weeks in arrears.

self employed & Tax

As a self-employed driver, you are responsible for your taxes. 
Wise are accountants who specialise in self employed drivers. They can do your taxes and invoicing – while still making you money.  
They can also register you for the flat rate VAT scheme. 
This means you charge us VAT at 20% when we pay you but you only have to pay 10% of it to the Government, which means you keep 10% extra on your pay.
Wise manage all this for you.
You pay them a fee of about £15 a week; however, you get back up to £30 a week, depending on your earnings.  Find out more about Wise.

Your Hours

The job is between 8 and 9 hours a day. You go to the depot in the morning to collect your parcels. 
The system is fully automated, and the Amazon app guides you during the delivery.
Once you have completed your route, there is no need to return to the depot.
You will meet up with another driver will collect all the undelivered parcels.
If you finish early, you can go home, but sometimes you may be asked to help other drivers.

Becoming a driver

To become a driver, you must have had your licence for two years and have no more than 6 points on your licence.
 If you want to rent a van from us, you must also be over 21.  
 Because it’s a driving job, you must pass a Drugs & Alcohol test and we must s also do a Driving Licence and Background check.

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Van Rental

We offer two courier delivery van options, rental or use your own van.

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