Meet our people

Here are small selection of our team

Martin Smith

Managing Director
Martin started the company in 1998 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the parcel delivery industry. He is passionate about providing an excellent service to partners and end customers. Martin is a ‘people person’ and it’s his vision that underpins the values of the company.

Phil West

Operations Manager
Phil joined Pegasus Couriers as a driver in 2016. His experience has help the company to successfully open many new depots across the UK. His oversight and wealth of industry knowledge allows the business to grow. Phil has assisted with the opening of depots in Scotland, north of England and Ireland.
Dan Whyte

Daniel Whyte

Regional Operations Manager (UPS)
Daniel is responsible for our UPS contract in 6 different locations. His top priority is providing the highest level of service through dedication and commitment. This approach has been successful and we are now the No 1 rated Service Provider to UPS in the UK.
Alex Magee Pegasus Couriers Ireland manager

Alex Magee

Regional Manager (Northern Ireland)
Alex began his career at Pegasus Couriers in 2018 where he started as a driver. After showing leadership and dedication, Alex worked his way up to area manager and now to his current portfolio of Regional Manager. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Alex oversees all business operations in Northern Ireland. Living in Belfast, he is known to lead by example and manages a team of on-site managers and drivers who provide an excellent experience to our customers.
Michal Zwierzynski Pegasus Couriers Scotland manager

Michal Zwierzynski

Regional Manager (Scotland)
Michal, based in Inverness, oversees several depots across Scotland. Michal joined Pegasus Couriers in 2021 with a lifetime of knowledge in the transport, freight and courier industries. Previously working in a similar position, Michal opted to join our growing brand as an area manager. Within months of taking up his role, he was promoted to regional manager – overseeing some of our largest depots. Michal’s hands-on approach and knowledge of the industry is an asset to the business and allows us to grow within the region.
Martyn Fenwick Pegasus Couriers England manager

Martyn Fenwick

England Regional Manager (England)
Martyn oversees all Pegasus Couriers operations in the North of England. He joined Pegasus Couriers in 2018 as an on-site manager after transferring from another provider. Shortly after taking up his post, Martyn became an area manager before moving into his current role as regional manager. Martyn leads a strong team of on-site managers and drivers who maintain the highest level of service.
Vanessa Durney Resource Manager Pegasus Couriers

Vanessa Durney

Resource Manager
Vanessa is the driving force behind the dedicated Pegasus Couriers recruitment team. Her strong leadership skills and 23 years of industry experience ensures that we always have drivers on the road. Vanessa enjoys the “family feel” that Pegasus Couriers offers, which is one of the reasons she moved over to the growing company.
Chris Buckley Pegasus Couriers

Chris (Tiff) Buckley

Fleet Manager
Chris comes from the oil and gas industry, where he spent the last ten years working in the logistics sector for oil operators. Due to the pandemic, he took up a driver post in the Dundee and Aberdeen depots in June 2020. In 2021, Chris became the team leader for Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness before being promoted to Fleet Manager. His team's focus is to ensure Pegasus Couriers has a reliable fleet.
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