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Message from the directors desk

Martin Smith Pegasus Couriers Director
Pegasus Couriers Director, Martin Smith

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UPS and Pegasus Couriers grows

Dan Whyte
Pegasus Couriers UPS Regional Manager, Dan Whyte
In three months, Pegasus Couriers has taken over two UPS depots in the North of England. UPS Irlam (in Manchester) and UPS Warrington are running full strength with over 85 drivers and 18 warehouse operatives. These drivers service the Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester postcodes. Currently, the operations are running out of the Irlam depot but will soon be moving to the new multimillion-pound, 88,000 sq feet Warrington Depot within the next few weeks. This marks a great time in our company’s history as we continue to expand with UPS. The Pegasus Couriers UPS contract employs more than one hundred people and assists with boosting the regional economy by offering local employment opportunities. To our new drivers and staff – most of who I have already welcomed personally – welcome to Pegasus Couriers and we hope you have a wonderful journey. If you ever have concerns, my door is always open.

Get your documents – Intranet is live

Parcel Delivery
Join the Internat today

The Pegasus Couriers internal network allows drivers immediate access to company documents and policies.

More than 150 contractors and staff have signed up to the network, also known as the Intranet.

The sign-up process is being implemented in phases; however, if you want to jump the gun – feel free to sign up on the below link.

Some of the documents you will have on hand include the health and safety policies, driving manuals, vehicle forms, emergency procedures, accident forms, pay query forms and much more.


How does it work?


Vans will be issued with a QR bar code and a plastic holder. This will be placed in the front passenger windscreen.

If you want any documents in an emergency, you scan the QR code.

The emergency procedures display depot managers’ contacts and third-party companies we use to maintain our fleet – in the event you want to contact them.

If you want to subscribe without the QR code, simply register here.


Watch: Highland drivers show off with great pictures

Inverness Images Scotland
Amazing pictures of the Scottish Highlands

Look at these stunning pictures! Some of the Inverness drivers have been showing off their Scottish Highlands routes.


View the Inverness Driver slide show here.


If you want your pictures shown in a slide show, post your photos to the Pegasus Couriers Driver Facebook group.

Noise detection camera project

Pegasus Couriers Best Courier
The Government is testing noise detection cameras

The government has launched a competition to find Britain’s noisiest streets. The competition will see noise detection cameras placed in “problem areas” as part of a pilot project.

The project, which has seen the government spend £300,000 on the trial, is part of a 3-year test project.

According to the department, noise pollution can have a significant impact on physical and mental health – with heart attacks, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stress all linked to long-term contact with loud environments….. Read more here.

Wise can save drivers time and money

Wise Tax Delivery Drivers
Wise accounting software can save drivers money.

Being your own boss offers you freedom but also comes with legal responsibility. 

To help drivers submit their documents and pay taxes, Pegasus Couriers endorses accounting industry leaders, Wise

Wise can get Pegasus Couriers self-employed drivers more money back through government schemes.

 A study by Wise shows that over 40% of young British workers think that self-employment is the best way to work satisfaction.

Wise Chief Executive Officer Simon Hills said that some of the issues subcontractors face include onboarding, documentation, tax compliance, managing accounts, and more.

“To assist with this, Wise has created a digital platform that helps drivers save time and money. Over 50,000 UK subcontractors already use this system,” he said. 

Hills explains that the mobile app allows subcontractors to submit documents. “We are passionate about supporting self-employed people across the UK.”

To learn more about Wise, visit Wise  or speak to your local on-site manager for more details.

Consolidation of delivery sites

Phil West
National operations head, Phill West

This has been a bumper start to the year, with several changes in the first few months.

The changes are aligned with the company’s consolidation strategy to meet targets and ensure long-term sustainability.

Between May and April 2022, DXG 1 in Glasgow was ranked number 5 for outstanding performance across the UK.

In addition, NEH in Inverness was ranked the top-performing depot in Scotland for April.

This comes on the back of some depots and sites consolidating their resources.

This is great work, and I look forward to similar results in the future.

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