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New Year directors message

Martin Smith Pegasus Couriers Director
A message from Pegasus Couriers Director, Martin Smith

With the new year in full swing, we are already making headway and planning for 2022. Looking back at 2021, collectively, we delivered close to 18 million parcels which is an average of more than a million parcels per month. This is an amazing achievement and I wanted to thank every driver for contributing to this incredible success. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer the best service to drivers and clients, we are currently reviewing 2021 and identifying improvements for 2022. Any constructive ideas from drivers, or clients, are most welcome. To help identify areas of improvement, we will be sending out email feedback forms. They should take less than a few minutes to complete and remain anonymous once sent. Please do take a few moments to complete them as we take all feedback seriously and act on it where appropriate.

An example of a suggestion that came for our Regional Management team, one of our initiatives for early 2022 is to make our website, newsletters and online content translate in more languages including Polish and Romanian.

Please also remember we have our Driver Facebook group which we will be using more in 2022. If you are not already a member, please do join. The purpose of this is to share communication from us to you. Also, communication between you all, sharing success, funnies and getting to know each other. Please do observe the house rules though – in particular, any personal items should not be shared on the Facebook page  (Click here to join)

I wish you all a great 2022, and I am looking forward to a great year ahead.

Always delivering.


Facts to know about Pegasus Couriers:

Pegasus Couriers expands with UPS contracts

Dan Whyte
Message from UPS Regional Manager, Dan Whyte:

Pegasus Couriers has secured a second UPS contract in the North of England.

As of late January,  our team of drivers will be delivering UPS parcels to all Liverpool area codes. The deal comes only months after successfully moving into the Warrington UPS depot. Both contracts come as a result of the smooth running of the Dundee UPS depot for three years.

Our excellent service and performance reviews have played a large part in our brand moving into these depots.
Our operations include manning the warehouse and placing drivers on the road to deliver in the greater Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington areas. 

As part of our training and setup process, we transferred several experienced drivers to support the new team. This will ensure UPS receive the best service, as always.
The project has been in the making for several months and is only possible due to the work from our sorting staff, drivers and my management team.
I want to take this opportunity to welcome all the new drivers to the UPS family and together, with everyone’s help, we can look forward to further future expansion.

Driver van forms online - download here

Chris Buckley Fleet Manager Pegasus Couriers
Message from Chris Buckley, Fleet Manager

We have loaded all documents drivers need to manage their van online. 

This is part of our effort to make vehicle management systems and reporting issues as easy as possible. 

For those searching on your mobile, you can make the forms accessible on the home screen.

This link will allow all drivers to access the needed vehicle forms 

For quick reference, we have listed the links below: 

· Report an issue online

· Accident questionnaires

· Find a filling station 

· Weekly inspection forms

· Other related documents

These forms are one of the ways the business is making life easier for drivers.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please email me

Safe travels, and anyone who wants more details can contact one of my team members or myself.

New road rules impact all motorists

Pegasus Couriers driving in the snow
New rules in the UK.

UK road traffic laws aimed at improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will come into effect from January 29.

The changes come after a public consultation process in 2020 received more than 20,000 responses over three months.

According to the UK Government website, most responses favoured the changes.

Some of The Highway Code changes include pedestrians crossing the road at junctions, cyclists travelling in groups, overtaking procedures and walking, cycling or horse riding in shared spaces.

A full breakdown of the new changes can be read here.

Facebook group for drivers

Facebook Pegasus Couriers Driver Page Logo
Message from Gareth Wilson, Marketing

As the new year kicks off, we look into several driver communication platforms.
One of the aspects I will be focusing on is relaunching our driver Facebook Group

As Martin explained in his Directors Message, the aim is to share information between drivers in a closed, secure group.
It is an opportunity for management to share important communication and gives all our drivers a chance to connect and, for example, share information (such as pictures, videos) with each other.
So don’t miss out – sign up to the page and keep in the loop.

Wise helps self-employed drivers

Message from Wise Chief Commercial Officer, Dan Richards:

Wise stands for We Improve Self Employment.

 As a company Wise specialise in helping self-employed drivers with money matters.

Pegasus Couriers has chosen Wise as our preferred partner to assist all our self-employed drivers with all the admin involved with self-employment.

One of their offers is to help drivers take advantage of being VAT registered which enables drivers to retain up to £30 per week on top of the driver earnings.

The easy-to-use app means everything is handled in one place and helps drivers stay tax compliant.

In addition, Wise accountants are on hand to explain things over the phone.  The Wise accounting services include submitting self-employment tax returns and registering and submitting quarterly VAT returns.

All On-Site Managers are being trained on the Wise services so that they can support drivers with questions. 

UPS buys more planes as online buying booms

UPS is buying 19 more airplanes due to the raised demand for air cargo.

According to the news agency Reuters, the deal was revealed only days after Christmas.

According to the plane manufacturer, Boeing, the deal is for 19 specialise 767 freighters and is linked to the boost in online sales and trade.
UPS is expected to take the delivery of aircraft between 2023 and 2025.
Boeing said the new jets will enable UPS to meet expected near-term and long-term cargo demand.
Since the model’s launch in 1995, UPS has ordered a total of 91 of the aircraft, according to the statement.

UPS Pegasus Couriers

Drivers can apply for Covid relief

Covid19 impact of Delivery Drivers

One of our clients, Amazon, is encouraging drivers who work on an Amazon contract, who are unable to work due to Covid-19, to apply for the Amazon Relief Fund grant.

Grounds for being considered are testing positive for Covid-19 or an official self-isolating requirement has been made. 

In a recent letter to all providers, Amazon said that the required documentation includes:

  • Medical Note / Certificate that states a COVID-19 diagnosis that is issued from a registered healthcare professional
  •  Laboratory confirmation of COVID-19 infection
  •  Public Health Authority notification that you are required to self-quarantine

 Anyone who would like to apply or wants more details can go directly to the Amazon Relief Fund site.

While this is not a Pegasus Couriers initiative, we are sharing this with all our drivers if they would like to apply independently. 

A useful Covid 19 NHS and booking system can be found here.

Safety tips when parking

  • Handbreak must always be applied when parking
  • When parking on steep surfaces, make sure you turn the van’s tyres into the kerb. This could stop the van from rolling if the brake fails and never jump in the path of a moving vehicle to stop it
  • Address any mechanical brake-related issues speedily
  • Carry your keys on an expanding key chain so that they are attached to you at all times
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition if the van is unattended
  • Always lock your van no matter how short the time it will be unattended
Delivery Courier Driver Safety and ensure Brakes working

Pegasus Couriers manager contacts:

• Fleet: Chris Buckley

• Marketing: Gareth Wilson

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