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Pegasus Couriers is a supporter of Armed Forces and Military Veterans
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Pegasus Couriers Reaffirms Armed Forces Covenant

Pegasus Couriers recently made a meaningful commitment to support military veterans and reservists by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. 

This decision aligns them with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, showing their dedication to creating a military-friendly workplace. By integrating support for veterans and reservists into their business model, Pegasus Couriers helps veterans transition smoothly into civilian roles and bring unique strategic military skills to their workforce from a military background.

For instance, veterans may offer valuable experience in logistics jobs and operations, which can benefit courier services like Pegasus. This commitment to the Covenant not only enhances the services Pegasus Couriers provides and fosters a more inclusive workplace environment, but also opens up new opportunities for veterans, creates a diverse workforce, and strengthens community engagement. This is a testament to our commitment to being a socially responsible company, a fact that our clients, who value such companies, can be proud of. 

We have several veteran Courier driver jobs in Scotland and England. Our veteran courier driver jobs are in areas such as Aberdeen, Inverness, The Scottish Highlands, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh Scottish Borders, Glasgow, Warrington, Scottish Borders and more!

To learn more about the impact on military personnel and the benefits of Covenant implementation, consider exploring the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. This initiative offers practical advice and support for employers looking to become more military-friendly. By taking this step, Pegasus Couriers are not just becoming more military-friendly, they are also paving the way for positive changes that benefit various stakeholders.


Background of Armed Forces Covenant Signing

By aligning with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS), we are committed to fostering a military-friendly workplace.

Engaging the workforce in this noble initiative is not just a part of our approach; it is the cornerstone. It ensures that our team is not just passive participants but active champions of the Covenant’s objectives. Beyond the office walls, forging connections with the local community is pivotal, as it establishes a robust support system for the armed forces community and fosters meaningful relationships. This is a collective effort that we can all be proud of.

Recognising and celebrating contributions is a crucial aspect of the Covenant, as well as acknowledging the efforts made by our courier drivers to champion this worthy cause. Furthermore, the training opportunities provided under the Covenant not only benefit veterans and reserve personnel but also enhance the skills and knowledge of our business workforce.

By choosing to sign the Covenant, it exemplifies a forward-thinking mindset dedicated to creating an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming workplace.

Importance of Covenant Support

Pegasus Couriers‘ strategic alignment with the Armed Forces Covenant strengthens its pledge to veterans and reserve personnel. This partnership aids the company in creating a supportive environment and providing transition assistance, which helps individuals with a military background integrate into the workforce smoothly. The bond with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) bolsters this support, underlining the significance of establishing career paths and promoting skill enhancement for veterans and reserve personnel within the organisation.

Phillip West, the Operations Manager, strongly advocates a forces-friendly approach, reinforcing the company’s commitment to upholding the principles of the Covenant. Because many of our corporate clients are covenant members, the company’s dedication to supporting military veterans is evident. The continuous upskilling of military site managers benefits the business and showcases the positive effect of covenant support on individual growth and career development.

In addition, the Covenant offers courier driver job opportunities for courier drivers, enabling veterans seeking jobs to explore career options. This positions us as a welcoming and supportive organisation for those transitioning to civilian life.

To give you a clearer picture, according to a study by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, companies that support military veterans show a 13% increase in productivity and morale. This showcases the importance of organisations like Pegasus Couriers providing support and opportunities for veterans.

Values Upheld by Business Partnering With Pegasus Couriers

Pegasus Couriers is renowned for its dedication to valued principles such as loyalty, honesty, and customer service excellence. These core values are central to the company’s operations, ensuring every parcel is treated with utmost care and accuracy to ensure timely couriers. The company’s commitment to efficiency is demonstrated in its investment in training, enabling streamlined parcel handling and delivery processes.

Pegasus Couriers is highly customer-focused, aiming to fulfil and exceed customer expectations. The company has created a unique niche in the parcel delivery industry by continuously demonstrating excellent customer service. With plans to open more depots across Scotland and England, we are preparing to increase its delivery capacity. This strategic expansion aims to strengthen the company’s reputation for reliability and high-quality service further.

In the competitive parcel courier industry, Pegasus Couriers stands out due to its adherence to its core values and focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to these values is pivotal to its success. Pegasus Couriers continues to set the bar high in the industry, exemplifying the potential of a company that values integrity, loyalty, and customer service excellence.

We Give Work To Former Military Personnel: Courier Job Opportunities

Looking at the effect on military staff, it is crucial to underscore the value-added services of companies like Pegasus Couriers. They merge military expertise into the everyday workforce, providing significant assistance to veterans and reservists, shifting to civilian life. This approach not only fosters a more diverse workplace but also acknowledges the worth of the unique experiences and insights the military offers.

For instance, our courier and logistics company has a specific program for hiring veterans. By doing so, they leverage the strategic planning and critical thinking military skills that veterans acquire during their service. This provides employment opportunities for veterans and enhances the company’s performance.

Such initiatives are essential. According to a report from Pew Research Centre, as of 2019, around twenty million American adults are veterans. These individuals often face challenges transitioning to civilian life, especially regarding finding work or a job. We offer to help change those military skills and transition them into an applied skill as a courier driver.

Moreover, military personnel’s unique skills and experiences can significantly benefit companies across sectors. For instance, their discipline, ability to work under pressure, and leadership skills are precious in the corporate world. It is a win-win situation – veterans get the support they need to transition to civilian life, and companies gain a workforce with unique skills.

Integration Into Civilian Life

We proudly support the Armed Forces Covenant by helping military personnel transition into civilian life. We believe in their potential and understand the value they can bring to our courier team. That is why we provide veterans seeking jobs with opportunities, aiming to harness their unique skills and experiences.

Veterans are encouraged to apply for courier driver roles, which can significantly benefit from their military training. We are aligned with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, further proving our commitment to aiding veterans and reserve personnel in their transition.

Veterans can also take on roles as military site managers, where they can develop their skills further. By doing this, they contribute to our business’s success and take advantage of the job possibilities offered by the Covenant.

These roles, such as courier drivers, offer flexibility and the chance to work outdoors. We aim to ensure a seamless transition for military personnel into civilian life. We value their skills and aim to highlight how they can be effectively used in the civilian workforce.

Covenant Commitment Details

We are committed to creating a work environment that respects and supports veterans. By signing the Armed Forces Covenant, they have officially agreed to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace for former military personnel. This reflects their core values, prioritising the welfare of those who have served in the armed forces and their active involvement in community activities.


This commitment underlines their alignment with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS), a UK initiative that recognises employers supporting those in the armed forces community.

As of mid-2021, they join a group of more than 7,488 UK organisations that have made similar pledges. This participation is a testament to their dedication to valuing the contributions of armed forces personnel in the workplace. We see these as more than just commitments; they view them as integral to their company culture.

By focusing on these areas, our business aims to go beyond supporting veterans and reserve personnel and embed these principles into their company ethos. This dedication to inclusivity and appreciation for the sacrifices made by service members is what makes Pegasus Couriers stand out.


Pegasus Couriers’ commitment is a shining example of how companies can actively support the armed forces community. This commitment helps them foster a workplace environment that values inclusivity and recognises the sacrifices made by those who serve.


The signing of this Covenant signifies a meaningful partnership that underlines the company’s values and commitment. This is more than just a business move; it is a way for us to contribute to the broader societal cause of supporting our Armed Forces.

This Covenant includes several initiatives and benefits for military personnel. For example, it offers employment opportunities and flexibility support, which can be immensely helpful for those transitioning from military to civilian life.


Such initiatives can significantly impact veteran delivery driver jobs in the logistics industry. The company’s actions will benefit the military community and set a positive example for other businesses. This commitment to the Armed Forces is a testament to the company’s values, demonstrating its willingness to go beyond the expected and contribute positively to society.

This Covenant acts as a pillar of support for those in the military community. It is like having a dependable partner ready to assist and collaborate. With this, Pegasus Couriers are not just delivering packages but also delivering on their promise to support those who serve our country.


The scheme is divided into bronze, silver and gold award categories, each demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to the project.

View the certificate signed by the Defence State Secretary and Chief of Staff by visiting this link

If you are looking for more information, visit Armed Forces Covenant or defence at


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