Pegasus Couriers steps up a gear to reach snow-trapped areas

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With only a week before Christmas, UK delivery company Pegasus Couriers now has a four-wheel drive truck to reach remote snow-trapped areas.


This comes as treacherous blizzard-type conditions sweep across the north of Scotland, causing travel disruptions and parcel delivery delays – just days before Christmas.


Pegasus Couriers UPS manager Dan Whyte said he temporarily acquired a four–wheel drive truck to minimise delays.


Pegasus Couriers is a UPS delivery partner servicing parts of North East Scotland and the North of England. 


“We are doing what we must to get parcels to our clients. People rely on us for Christmas presents and businesses are waiting for stock. In some cases, vital medical supplies must get to the clients.”


Areas such as Huntly and Aboyne in Aberdeenshire are inaccessible with a standard van. 


One of our veteran drivers who knows all these roads is doing the four-wheel drive deliveries. Clients are welcoming when they see a truck ploughing through the snow towards their house. Then it stops, and a driver jumps out wearing a Christmas jumper and carrying a parcel. Every client has been very grateful and almost all offer a hot drink to keep the chill at bay.


 “We needed to do everything we could to get the Christmas presents delivered and businesses their stock.”


This comes as the Royal Mail warns of more delays due to the ongoing postal worker strike.


Pegasus Couriers Managing Director Martin Smith said that his teams of drivers and contractors were on the road delivering Christmas presents as usual.


We have about six hundred drivers on the road at any given time. Clients want a fast and reliable service, particularly this time of year when the postal volumes are at their peak. We take our service standards seriously and do not want a Christmas present to arrive late due to bad weather.”


Smith added that even though contingency plans were in place, delays could still happen. Place your orders early to avoid volume and weather delivery delays.” 


As Christmas fast approaches, the Met Office continues to issue weather warnings. 


The conditions across the Aberdeenshire district have already led to travel disruptions, including vehicle accidents and the closure of several schools. 


According to the Met Office, last week, Braemar in Aberdeenshire recorded temperatures of up to -15.6C.


Watch this video of driver Colin Lauder delivering a parcel in the snow.



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