Blind Spot Safety Tips: Check Your Mirrors

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22% of all respondents said the side pillar next to or just behind the driver creates a blind spot

Blind Spot Mirror Checks for Safe Driving: Driver Safety

You know those tricky blind spots in vehicles that can sometimes surprise us? Well, they’re a big concern.

A scary 35% of surveyed drivers reported collisions or near-misses due to limited visibility.

This article discusses a study on driver safety and blind spots. A recent survey by the AA highlighted troubling statistics about blind spots in vehicles, stating that blind spots are a significant risk for 40% of drivers on the road. Being aware of blind spots and educating drivers about them are crucial steps in addressing this issue effectively.

It’s clear that raising awareness and improving vehicle technologies are essential for enhancing road safety and preventing accidents caused by blind spots.

Technology and vehicle advancements play a crucial role in reducing the dangers of blind spots, but not all vehicles are fitted with alert systems or devices.

Check your Blind Spot: Impact of Blind Spots on Road Safety.

In the past five years, blind spots have been responsible for 63 road fatalities and over 1,100 serious injuries. In 2022 alone, 17 fatal crashes were linked to blind spots.
Driver awareness is crucial to prevent accidents, as 35% of drivers with limited visibility have experienced collisions or near-misses. Weather conditions like rain, snow, and dirt exacerbate blind spots, making them threats on the road.
Even in low-speed environments like car parks, collisions highlight the constant danger posed by blind spots.
Enhancing visibility is critical to reducing road hazards associated with these unseen areas and improving overall road safety.

Minimise Blind Spot Dangers

To reduce the risks associated with blind spots while driving, drivers need to adjust their wing mirrors and use blind spot monitoring systems regularly. Properly adjusting mirrors is essential to reduce blind spots, improve visibility, and lower the risk of accidents.
Additionally, blind spot monitoring systems can provide alerts in real-time, particularly helpful in adverse weather conditions when visibility is limited on the front passenger’s side of the windscreen.

The Study Found:

  • 22% of all respondents said the side pillar next to or just behind the driver creates a blind spot
  • 20% stated the windscreen pillar creates a blind spot
  • 6% have a significant blind spot on the front passenger’s side of the windscreen during heavy rain and snow because the wipers do not reach that area
  • 5% have a visibility issue in winter when dirt and road salt land on the windscreen
  • Properly adjusting mirrors is crucial for improving the visibility of motorcycles. 
  • Awareness and proactive measures are vital to preventing accidents and staying safe while driving.

Recommendations for Drivers​

Drivers must stay vigilant and take proactive measures, as the AA advises. Education plays a significant role in raising awareness about the risks associated with blind spots.
Implementing defensive driving techniques, such as regular shoulder checks and maintaining a safe following distance, can further help mitigate the dangers of blind spots. By staying alert and implementing these recommendations, drivers can significantly enhance road safety for themselves and others, reducing the likelihood of blind spot-related collisions.

Pegasus Couriers: Enhancing Road Safety Through Driver Awareness

The research highlights the significant issue of dangerous blind spots in vehicles, emphasising the importance of driver awareness. At Pegasus Couriers, our dedicated fleet team supports our courier drivers with regular maintenance checks on delivery vans and frequent routine inspections.
While blind spots pose a challenge, prioritising delivery van safety is key to minimising risks on the road. We also have an internal health and safety network where drivers can regularly check our manuals and policies regarding road safety.
Stay safe out there! Remember, a little caution and vigilance go a long way.

The DVLA has changed the recent medical conditions for drivers

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