Businesses Should Promote Road Safety Campaigns

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Martin Smith explains why businesses and individuals should promote road safety awareness.  Whether driving to work, cycling, catching a bus or walking on the pavement – road safety is paramount. Road safety, directly and indirectly, impacts all industries, from staff getting to work to the delivery of products and goods.

Road Safety Campaigns For A Safer Society

The UK government spearheads several road safety campaigns, such as seatbelt usage, the dangers of speeding, correct tyre pressure and maintaining following distances, to name a few. These campaigns are part of their “Arrive Alive” initiative, which aims to remind motorists that driving responsibly saves lives.


To highlight the extent, I looked at the UK government’s accident figures for the year ending June 2022. Their figures are alarming, with 1,760 road fatalities, 28,044 serious injuries and over 100 000 slight injuries over that period. 


Road safety is a key factor in reducing these accidents, and we must ensure that drivers know the risks and how they can reduce them. By raising awareness of these issues, the government hopes to reduce the number of road accidents. Businesses have a crucial role in enabling safe driving, such as educating drivers about best practices, providing safe driving incentives or simply talking with co-workers about these issues.


By doing so, businesses can help create a safer environment for everyone. At Pegasus Couriers, our managers, drivers and clients constantly consult with each other about best operating practices. 

Did you know?

Safety facts about driving in the UK:
  1. An average of 13% of road deaths in Scotland since 2018 occurred when not wearing a seatbelt.
  2. A driver can be fined for every child under 14 found not correctly restrained.
  3. The average UK motorist drives up to 10,000 miles annually – the equivalent of driving from London to Sydney every year.
  4. Recent government estimates show that 32.9 million people have a full driving licence – over 70% of the adult population. 
  5.  According to the RAC Foundation, the average UK vehicle spends about 80% of its time parked at home, about 16% parked elsewhere and 4% of the time driving. 

Road Safety Can Save A Life

In the UK, we are fortunate to have road safety campaigns. Some countries, primarily third-world countries, barely have any safety measures. The UN called this a global road safety crisis and has since launched a Road Safety Fund to raise awareness. Their figures on global road accidents and deaths are horrific and sobering.  Road Safety Scotland has launched several awareness campaigns to educate drivers and reduce the carnage. One example is last year’s 40-second television advert on wearing a seatbelt. 


Another Transport Department campaign was launched last year under the banner THINK! – aimed at local community awareness. Their latest campaign is Travel Like You Know Them – a 30-second video clip.  Road Safety Scotland states that wearing a seatbelt reduces fatal and nonfatal injuries by 60% among front-seat passengers. 


They also state that on average, 13% of those killed on Scotland’s roads over the last five years were not wearing a seatbelt. A widely publicised example of fatal crashes is the series of serious accidents on Scotland’s A9 trunk road in the second half of 2022. Of these crashes, 12 were fatal collisions that led to 18 deaths.

Don't Forget Its Importance.

Whether you drive a vehicle, take the bus, walk or cycle – road safety impacts you and your family! Sustainable road safety campaigns prevent deaths, injuries and systematically reduce the underlying risks. It is in everyone’s interest to prevent an accident – if possible – and support is essential.

Most businesses have incorporated such campaigns into driver manuals, health and safety guides, and regular communication – such as this article!

Get Involved - Make Our Roads Safer For Everyone

We encourage all businesses to support any road safety initiative that could help save lives and make the road safer for everyone.  At Pegasus Couriers, we launched a digital Intranet system to allow drivers and contractors to revise documentation such as driver manuals and safety guides online – just one way we do our bit to promote road safety. 


These are the proactive, cost-effective initiatives that should be encouraged by all.

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