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Martin Smith

Martin Smith

Pegasus Couriers MD

Pegasus Couriers Age Delivery Verification

Martin Smith explains what happens if the person receiving the parcel is underage and has no identification.

We know many people are confused about which parcels require identification and we wanted to clarify any confusion. Courier drivers often face the challenge of age verification deliveries to customers under 18. To ensure that these deliveries are made safely, they must check the parcel and require identification from the recipient.

Helping to Protect Minors with Age Verification Processes

Parcel delivery services are becoming increasingly popular and play a significant role in helping to protect minors from accessing age-restricted products or services. By implementing age verification processes, companies are ensuring that only those of legal age can access such items. This helps ensure that minors do not get their hands on products or services that could be potentially dangerous.

What items require identification

These can include but are not limited to cigarettes, sharp objects, alcohol, and hazardous materials. The driver knows that identification is required as the shipper lists this under the important information.
On delivery, the driver sees that specific requirements are listed and asks for proof of identity and age.
Many age verification practices range from manual identification (ID) cards and birth certificates to automated systems such as facial recognition and biometrics.
In the UK, identification cards or passports are the most widely recognised.

What happens if the person has no identification

It is a common problem that people – especially those under 18 – have difficulty getting parcels delivered due to their lack of identification. This can be a frustrating experience for both the courier driver and the person receiving the parcel.
Proper identification makes it easier for the courier driver to check that the parcel is going to its recipient.
Fortunately, solutions are available for people needing identification when receiving parcels.
In such cases, it is crucial to have a system that allows for underage delivery without identification. This could involve having a parent or guardian present at the time of delivery or having an alternative form of identification, such as a student ID card or other proof of age.
The parcel cannot be left with a neighbour or a safe place if identification is required.
The lack of identification could result in the item being sent back.

What happens if the driver fails to check identification

If the driver gives the parcel without identification authorisation – some companies will dismiss or suspend the driver pending investigation. Usually, for such a significant transgression, re-training is not an option. This, however does vary on company policy.

Why are delivery protocols so strict

Keeping children safe is a top priority within the industry. Courier drivers are trained to take extra precautions when delivering parcels to underage recipients, such as going through an age verification process. This process helps ensure that the parcel is delivered to the right person and contains nothing dangerous or illegal. Companies can also prevent fraud and other malicious activities on their platforms by verifying their identity. 
Age verification is becoming increasingly important as more and more businesses move online and minors have easier access to the content they may not be able to handle.

I hope this has helped you understand which parcels require identification to avoid potential problems.

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