Courier Company Issues Theft Warning

A thief attempts to steal a van. Pegasus Couriers issues a a UK warning to be cautious
Pegasus Couriers issues warning following an attempted van theft.

Pegasus Couriers, a leading courier service in the UK, has sounded an alarm for its drivers to stay vigilant following a brazen attempted theft in the Crown area of Inverness on Friday afternoon.


 The warning echoes recent advisories from UK police, urging delivery drivers to exercise heightened caution during the busy Christmas period.


Michal Zwierzynski, Operations Manager at Pegasus Couriers, issued a warning alert to all courier drivers following the unnerving incident.


Zwierzynski said that the incident occurred at 5:30pm – when the driver was at one of his last parcel drop-offs. “A driver, while engaged in a routine parcel drop-off at a customer’s home, became the target of opportunistic thieves. He had parked the van only a short distance away and had to walk to the doorstep of the house to deliver the parcel. The delivery van was out of view from the house in the time it took to deliver the parcel,” Zwierzynski explained. Upon returning a mere few minutes later, the driver spotted what appeared to be two teenagers attempting to pry open the locked driver’s side door.


The culprits fled the scene as the driver approached. The driver was unharmed and nothing was stolen.


Zwierzynski noted a disturbing uptick in parcel-related thefts during the months of November and December, a trend that has put the courier industry on high alert. In response to the growing threat, especially with the recent surge in porch parcel piracy, Pegasus Couriers has reiterated safety protocols to its fleet of drivers.

We’ve reminded our team to adhere strictly to our security measures, which are designed to protect them and their deliveries,” said Zwierzynski.

This incident comes at a time when courier services across the country are being called upon by various police forces to maintain a watchful eye, especially during the holiday season when incidents of theft tend to rise.

In a proactive effort to curb such events, the South Wales police have shared tips with courier drivers, emphasising the importance of basic but crucial measures: ensuring windows are rolled up, doors are locked, and the vehicle is parked in a well-lit area. 

Michal Zwierzynski Pegasus Couriers Scotland manager
Michal Zwierzynski, Operations Manager at Pegasus Couriers,

They also warned against leaving any valuables visible inside the van and stressed the necessity of keeping a charged mobile phone at hand in case of emergencies.


These guidelines are part of a broader initiative to combat the increase in thefts targeting delivery vehicles.



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