Courier driver helps stranded motorist

Courier driver Paul Macbeth from Pegasus Couriers stands at a delivery van
Paul MacBeth sprang into action by assisting with pulling a car out of the snow

A Pegasus Couriers delivery driver has been praised for going ‘above and beyond’ to help a Scottish Highlands motorist whose car was stuck in the snow.

In a letter of appreciation, Ullapool resident Sara Nason details how courier driver Paul MacBeth sprang into action pulling the car out of the snow.


In the letter, Nason described how the car got stuck in a snowdrift alongside the A835 main road near Lael Forest in late January.


“One of your couriers drove past, and I asked him if he’d mind quickly pulling me out by tying a rope on the hook in front of my car. I just needed a bit of a heave to get me back onto the road,” the letter said.


Nason called MacBeth a hero for not driving past and instead braving the cold to assist. 


“He could not have been kinder,” she said. I know the pressure is on drivers to get to destinations, yet he stopped to help me and made it possible for me to get to an urgent job. I would like whoever manages him to know that I appreciate him being such a decent human. He made such a difference to my day.”


This comes only two months after another driver helped rescue a woman stranded during the Aberdeenshire floods.

"He made such a difference to my day." - Sara Nason

This comes only two months after another driver helped rescue a woman stranded during the Aberdeenshire floods.


Pegasus Couriers Operations manager Phil West said that letters of appreciation like these inspired others. “Our drivers come across breakdowns, accidents, and other challenging situations. But, as a business, we have always encouraged drivers to stop to help people where possible,” he said. 

West added that while drivers were under pressure to meet deadlines, they always seemed to help where needed. “This is an example of how small acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. It is great to work with such a team who are passionate about their work and the community.”


Company MD Martin Smith – who has helped many stranded motorists over his 23 years in the industry – said that reading such letters was a gratifying reward. “I have helped my share of stranded motorists and know that getting such acknowledgement is a great feeling.”

The incident follows several weather-related warnings from the UK Met Office in January. 


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