Pegasus Couriers sponsor youth football team

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Martin Smith

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Pegasus Couriers sponsors the youth Edinburgh foot team
Edinburgh City under-14 football team is sponsored by Pegasus Couriers.

Pegasus Couriers MD Martin Smith explains the significance of companies supporting youth development s in their neighbourhoods.

Pegasus Couriers is proud to sponsor the under-14 Edinburgh City football team as part of a youth development community initiative. 


We are always looking for ways to expand our reach by giving back to the community, and this is a great place to start.


As a business with several avid football fans, we are excited to be part of this journey with these young players and provide them with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our sponsorship will help the team reach their goals on and off the field.


 In addition, our support will provide them with resources such as training equipment and Kit, affording them a platform for their development.

Businesses should support local

Businesses like ours are often filled with people who love sports, and our staff are no exception—we’re all big fans of football here! So it makes us happy to be able to give something back in return for all the joy that sport has brought us over the years. We hope other companies will follow suit and sponsor local youth development projects in their areas. They’re a great way to give back to the community while supporting young people who need it most!

Youth development is a pro-social, productive approach that engages youth within communities and promotes positive outcomes. Development programs benefit communities by fostering positive outcomes that include better health, improved education outcomes, increased employment prospects and more robust social networks among young people.

We look forward to being part of their journey as they work towards achieving their goals on and off the pitch.

Development programs are beneficial to communities.

We believe that businesses getting involved and providing these players with an opportunity to reach their full potential will help prepare them for life challenges. Research suggests that community-based projects can prevent various risk behaviours among young people and improve social outcomes. 


With Pegasus Couriers‘ support, we hope this football team can achieve great things in the future!


We look forward to being part of their journey as they work towards achieving their goals on and off the pitch.


Pegasus Couriers Martin Smith owner

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