Customer Service and Satisfaction in the Courier World

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Customer satisfaction and great service is vital to the courier industry Pegasus Couriers.

As a longtime serving industry professional, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of customer service to end consumers.
In today’s competitive marketplace, clients have more choices than ever, so it’s important to provide clients’ end consumers with a favourable experience.
From tracking down missing parcels to answering queries – these are all vital to ensure consumers receive a great experience. Studies show that acquiring new customers costs 5 to 10 times more than retaining a current customer – which is why great Service is vital.
Here I will give some of my learnings from the courier industry.

Consumers Industry Facts and Figures:

A recent survey showed that 89% of customers consider the speed of response and resolution to their query as essential parts of Excellent Service. 

Other figures show that excellent customer service gives staff a sense of pride and boosts morale. This increases productivity, causes less stress, and provides greater job satisfaction.

These are examples of how customer service can shape a company’s reputation. If a brand’s customer service is not up to scratch, they risk ruining the overall experience and, ultimately, damaging the brand. 

Being Helpful and Friendly Works

My first observation is that being friendly and helpful to customers will almost always benefit a company. Consumers want to feel like they’re dealing with someone who is approachable and supportive. Therefore, basic human politeness is essential, for example, smiling and eye contact.
My second observation is that in today’s digital world, consumers want to be kept updated via phone, sms or simply by logging into the online portal. Effective and instant communication is vital. Most of this process is done via scanning barcodes which automatically update the online platforms with the expected arrival times.
My third observation is that going the extra mile can make all the difference. If you exceed consumers’ expectations and minimise complaints, clients are happier.

Excellent Service Can Lead to Success or Failure.

In the courier industry, exceptional customer service is critical and separates successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. The delivery experience is a vital part of customer loyalty. If the delivery experience is excellent, this can help grow the business in a highly competitive environment.

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Read what Martin Smith says about the future of the Courier Industry

The Future of the Courier Industry

The courier industry is vital to the global economy, transporting goods to consumers worldwide.  

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