Pegasus Couriers Inverness Celebrates Anniversary Milestone

Inverness Delivery Driver Celebrate depot

Pegasus Couriers Inverness is celebrating its second anniversary this month. The depot, known as the delivery station for the Highlands, was officially opened in 2019 – only months before the Covid-19 pandemic.


Pegasus Couriers took over the depot in 2021 to streamline the operation. MD Martin Smith said that the depot was responsible for dispatching between 11,000 and 18,000 parcels daily. While Pegasus Couriers are operationally responsible for the depot, several couriers use the depot as a collection point for parcels. 

We started with 40 drivers in the Highlands and now have about 60 delivery drivers. Our daily routes go from Inverness to several areas across North Scotland and growing.


The depot operates 24 hours a day, receiving daily truckloads of parcels from Edinburgh – some of which have been flown into the country.

The parcels come to the depot where they are packed for delivery. The drivers then get given their routes and come and collect their parcels for delivery. We have depot managers and yard on site to ensure minimal daily glitches.”

Pegasus Couriers operate from several depots across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Smith said that the company was proud of its achievements in the Highlands. “We have a great team of people working here and are committed to providing a high-quality service to our customers.”

He added that the company was looking to expand its operations in the Highlands in the future. “We are always looking for new opportunities and confident that there is a lot of potential for growth in this region.”

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