The Future Demand for Delivery Drivers

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Speedy delivery is a key factor driving the courier world.

If you’re thinking about a career in delivery driving, you’re in luck! Delivery drivers are still in demand, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.¬†¬†In this article, I’ll discuss the factors driving the growth of the delivery driver demand as well as the challenges and opportunities drivers face.¬†I’ll also provide some tips on how to become a successful delivery driver.

Facts Speak Volumes

The courier industry is growing, which means the demand for drivers will also increase, as will the competition between courier companies.

The facts are simple. In 2013, the UK parcel market was worth about £6.9 billion. By 2020/21 the UK market was earmarked to be worth £15 billion. This was primarily due to the surge in online retail. In 2021, the e-commerce revenue in the United Kingdom reached £129 billion. This figure was up from £112.7 billion in 2020 and over triple the revenue of UK e-commerce in 2015.

Martin's Key Tips

Key tips for becoming a successful delivery driver:

  1. Get a valid driver’s license¬†
  2. Get experience driving in a variety of conditions
  3. Be able to follow directions
  4. Learn how to use the navigation devices such as Google Maps on your mobile.
  5. Be professional, courteous and helpful
  6. Demonstrate you can work independently and as a team player
  7. Be reliable and efficient

Factors Driving Growth and Demand

Here are some fascinating industry factors driving the growth of the courier market:

  • The need for speed:¬†Delivery speed is one of the mitigating factors when trying to stay competitive in the market. This means that they need to hire delivery drivers who are reliable and efficient.
  • E-commerce and growth:¬†The e-commerce market is growing rapidly, creating a need for more delivery drivers. E-commerce businesses need to be able to deliver goods to customers quickly and efficiently, and they need to hire delivery drivers who can meet these demands.
  • The ageing population:¬†The UK population is ageing, which means there is a growing demand for delivery drivers to deliver goods and services to older people. The¬†government states¬†that by 2041, 1 in 4 people in the UK will be 65 and over. Older people often have difficulty getting around and rely on delivery drivers to bring them the necessary things.
  • The increasing number of households:¬†¬†According to¬†figures, the number of people living alone in the UK last year was 8.3 million. In addition, an estimated 28.2 million households were reported in the UK in 2022, an increase of 1.6 million since 2012. The number of households in the UK is increasing, creating a need for more delivery drivers. Single-person households are also found to primarily rely on deliveries as they often don’t have time or the ability to go shopping – turning to couriers.¬†

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite the growth of the delivery driver market, there are also several challenges and opportunities that delivery drivers will face in the future. These challenges include:

  • The shortage of delivery drivers:¬†There is a shortage of experienced delivery drivers in the UK, which means that competition between courier businesses for skilled delivery drivers is fierce.¬†
  • The increasing cost of fuel and vehicles:¬†The cost of fuel and vehicle rentals – or repair work – is constantly increasing. This often eats into the profits of delivery companies. Delivery companies either pass this cost on to their contractors or clients. Again, this would vary from business to business.¬†
  • Increasing competition from other delivery companies:¬†The delivery driver market is becoming increasingly competitive as more companies enter the market. This means that delivery drivers must be more skilled and knowledgeable to compete.
  • The need for delivery drivers to be more efficient:¬†Delivery companies are under pressure to be more efficient, which means that they need to hire delivery drivers who are able to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. With technology being what it is today, this already helps with the mapping of routes and communication with clients via digital platforms.¬†

The Future Looks Good

Despite the challenges, the future outlook for delivery drivers is positive. The demand for delivery services is expected to grow, creating new opportunities for people seeking a career in this field. Delivery drivers who meet the job’s demands will be in high demand and stand the best chance of promotion – no matter the business model.

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