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Martin Smith explains the advantages of route planning software – an optimisation routing software that benefits novice courier drivers.

In today’s technology-driven world, there are many ways to improve delivery operations. No longer is there a need to use expensive and outdated hard-cover map books or manually plot your routes with pen and paper. 


Many delivery firms are enhancing their processes by integrating package barcode scanning into their route planning technology to take things up a notch. This innovative approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures smoother and more accurate deliveries.


In other words, you scan all the delivery parcels; inventory is taken by the courier routing software, which then calculates the preferred route – it is that easy. At Pegasus Couriers, our clients use the latest and best pre-route delivery systems to ensure fast and effective delivery.


This has allowed us to simplify our training methods and quickly get potential delivery drivers on the road. 

Performance monitoring and why it helps drivers

Deliveries are mapped with route planning software designed to increase delivery speed while lowering costs. A happier supply chain means happy customers!  Our clients mostly use this technology to make the delivery process easier.


This delivery route planning software helps identify routes that improve fuel economy and delivery time by monitoring performance. Similar to route navigation on google maps.  The savings from route optimisation are significant and include benefits such as delivery vehicles lasting longer, increased fuel efficiency and faster delivery of packages. Most systems are relatively accurate and factor in accidents, delays, traffic jams and more.


While most mapping software is similar, some do differ in functionality. For example, some will have scanning and mapping features; others will not use route optimisation, while some might – and so on.

Why is this important for delivery driver clients

Courier routing software effectively increases user satisfaction with quantifiable data. Complaints are reduced or speedily addressed thanks to up-to-date routing and mapping software. We have agreements with global corporates such as UPS and Yodel – all of who use similar systems. 

Why having driver support is excellent and makes a difference

Over the years, we have noticed that drivers benefit from having hands-on support from on-site managers. This allows on-road issues to be quickly resolved. Larger logistics and courier companies, like Pegasus Couriers, have managers on call to assist drivers and monitor routes.


If a driver is struggling with deliveries or is stuck in traffic, the manager can arrange assistance based on the number of parcels left to deliver and the area they are going to. The system allows the manager to coordinate deliveries effectively based on real-time on-the-road issues. 


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